Looking to expand your services? Start offering vehicle wraps. We will teach you how to design and prepare a vehicle wrap to be ready for printing. It will lower your cost and create a great new profit center for you. We will take care of the rest, printing, laminating and installation.

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Only $349 per vehicle

There is no reason to drive a plain looking vehicle. Stand out from the crowd. *Logo must be provided in print ready format.

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Car wrap installation

Installations is a very important step in completing successful wrap project. Most of the wrap companies provide professional installation service which includes certain undisclosed number of steps, to ensure your satisfaction. However there is a lot of details that could greatly influence the cost of the wrap and it final outcome. By default on commercial […]

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Vinyl Repair & Maintenance

This is a perfect time to look at your vehicle and inspect the condition of your vehicle wrap, vinyl lettering and decals before the busy spring season. Preventive maintenance will extend the life of your company’s branding and it will keep your mobile marketing working for you. And it can also save you money on […]

Vehicle Wrap Discount Offer

We have received several inquires about advertising on customer’s vehicles. We are currently offering price discounts to anyone interested in having our company logo displayed on their vehicle. Savings up to 25% off full wrap price* will be considered. Full vehicle wrap is required. Our design team will make sure our logo doesn’t compete with […]

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Advantages of 3M wrap vinyl

3M wrap vinyl has air release channels, a characteristic of comply adhesive. This feature may be found in films with either pressure-activated or pressure-sensitive adhesive that is permanent, changeable or removable. Comply adhesive is a versatile technology with multiple versions. The original comply adhesive has a slightly visible pattern on the film surface. A designation […]